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HeartGold Team Picture by RachelJourneyT8 HeartGold Team Picture :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 3 13
Impossible Emerald Prologue
10 Years ago....
"Yes Birch, I know it might be dangerous.... but still, I want you to give her a Pokemon when she is older, it might make her more in control of her powers."
"Well, what were to happen if that demon came out again?  Sure, we stopped it, but its dangerous still."
"I'm sure Vee will be safe, besides, I said when she gets older."
"I don't want to give her a Pokemon before she turns 16. End of story."
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 6
Emerald Type Nuzlocke Rules by RachelJourneyT8 Emerald Type Nuzlocke Rules :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 5 26 Bo by RachelJourneyT8 Bo :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 6 20 Me :D by RachelJourneyT8 Me :D :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 26 Cat lineart by RachelJourneyT8 Cat lineart :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 1 OC: Bandit v2 by RachelJourneyT8 OC: Bandit v2 :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 0 Platinum Nuzlocke Team by RachelJourneyT8 Platinum Nuzlocke Team :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 1 0 Adoptable: Rao by RachelJourneyT8 Adoptable: Rao :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 1 2
Yes is No Chapter 4
Yes is No Chapter 4
"Mozart, return! Go Forrest!"
"Stealth Rock!"
"Crap, now I can't swicth to Mozart for EXP...."
"Hmph. Go Onix!"
"Rock Throw!"
"Absorb again!"
"Razor Leaf!"
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
"Go Cranidos!"
"Go Mozart!"
"Asdfgjkl, Potion!!"
"Razor Leaf!"
"..... Well this is embarrassing... I lost to you.... Oh well, you're strong, I'm weak. Take this Coal Badge!" Roark said, throwing me a little rock shaped badge. "Now you can use Rock Smash outside of battle. Take this too."
"That TM contains Stealth Rock. Be careful, you can only use a TM once."
"Ok, thanks Roark, I should be heading off, see you later!" I yelled back to him, running out of the gym.
"That was intense. Like, really intense." Mozart said.
"Even if Seth and I didn't battle, we were worried about you two. Rock isn't good for me or Mozart." Maddie said.
"I only worried about Mozart's sake, my defens
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 2
Yes is No Chapter 3
Yes is No Chapter 3
"Mom, we're home!" I yelled when we were inside.
"Ah Matthew, how are you and Turtwig?" My mom yelled from the kitchen.
"Turtwig's name is Forrest! And we're both fine!" I said, sitting down to the dinner table. "Hey mom, has the word telepathy ever come up in my past?"
She was silent. She didn't move. Like some ghost Pokemon possessed her.
"You know don't you....."
"Know about what? Telepathy?"
"Forrest told me everything...."
"T...That's impossible, Pokemon can't talk."
"But he didn't talk... he told me through telepathy!"
"......Guess the Meowth is out of the bag......." She sighed, sitting down next to me. "Everything Forrest probably told you is true,  but I tried to keep it secret from you as long as I could."
"But why, why did you keep it secret?"
"To save you from the denial." She said, getting up. "Take this, its a Journal, don't be afraid to write in it. And don't forget to come home to show you you're P
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 13
Yes is No Chapter 2
Yes is No Chapter 2
At Lake Verity:
"Hey, Matthew, who's that?" Barry whispered, pointing to a man on the lakeshore.
"I'm not sure...."
"... The flowing time ... The expanding space....
I will make it all mine one day...
Cyrus is my name. Remember it...
Until then, sleep while you can. legendary Pokemon of the lake bed..." The man said, appears his name was Cyrus.
"Allow me to pass. Step aside." Cyrus said, leaving Verity.
We moved aside, and let the mystery man pass.
"Weird dude." Barry said. "Anyway, let's catch the legendary pokemon already!"
"Hey, did you hear that!? That was the legendary pokemon! I know it! Come on, let's go catch it!"
"Barry, I hate to break it to you, but we don't have any Poke'balls. You know P-O-K-accent-E Balls!"
"Yeah, if we don't have them we can't catch anything or carry anything around. Maybe Rowan will give us some if we ask!"
"Yeah, good idea."
"I'll race you!" Barry yelled, running towards Route 201 and Sandgem town.
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 0
Yes is No Chapter 1
Yes is No Chapter 1
"Pokemon are by our side, always. I hope you will understand the meaning of those words."
"That was the comment left by Professor Rowan, who has returned to Sinnoh from the Kanto region."
"Professor Rowan? That's the weird dude who brought me here, and turned me into a guy..." I said, mumbling.
I was in a house I never have seen before, I was turned into a guy by some weird old dude in a dark room, but I just rolled with it.
"That concludes our program, "Let's Ask Prof. Rowan!" Brough to you by Jubilife TV on Nationwide Net!"
"And now that's over-"
"HEY MATTHEW!"  My "friend" Barry yelled from downstairs.
"What?!" I yelled back.
"Come down here!"
I walked downstairs, and sure enough...
"Did you see the TV? You know, Professor Rowan on TV?"
"Um, yes...."
"How could you have not seen it?"
"But I did..."
"Even if you didn't see it, since Rowan is back from Kanto, maybe we can ask him for Pokemon! You want to?"
"Come on!" Barry yell
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 9
Gallade, a Grenade Parody
Grenade Parody
Pokeball, Masterball, that's just how you roll.
Oh catch, catch, catch them all, and you always win.
Should of known you're a master from the first gym,
Had your badge case open, why was it open?
Gave you the gym badge, and you tossed it in the trash,
you tossed it in the trash. you did.
To battle me is all I ever asked,
'Cause what you don't understand is...
I'd catch a Gallade for ya!
I'd take a leaf blade for ya!
I'd even help train with ya!
You know I'd do anything for ya!
I'd would teach Giga Drain.
Take a Bullet Seed to my face.
Yes, I would learn Fly for ya, baby.
But you won't do the same.
No, no, no, no...
White, red, black and blue, beat me 'til dumb.
Tell Team Rocket I said, hey, when you get back to where you're from.
Mad women, bad women, that's just what you are.
Rip the Pokeballs from my belt and throw them out the car.
Gave you the gym badge, and you tossed it in the trash,
tossed it in the trash you did.
To battle me is all I ever asked,
:iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 7 11
Burning Thunder Chapter 5
Julian started to admire her new figure, while Crystal was congratulating her daughter.
"I congratulate both of you, but like I said Maii, you still need to get Julian home." Crystal said, eyeing Pandora, who was still unconscious.
"I know, come on Julian."
"Yeah, sure...whatever..." Julian said, not really paying attention.
"Let's go th- Wait, how do we get there?"
"Well, no matter what, you have to cross Mt. Coronet." Crystal said.
"Well that sucks..." Julian said.
"Naruu's Castle is on the way if you go the quickest route, so that isn't an option." Crystal said, trying to think.
"The safest way would to go through Mt. Coronet's center, but that's so far from here."
"You two don't have another option Maii."
"The safest way would to go through the towns and eventually get there."
"Ok then, let's go." Julian said, walking out of Psychic sanctuary.
In Sandgem town:
"Be careful, one Poke' Ball and you're history." Maii whispered.
"Hey! You two!" A voice yelled from behind them. "What are
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Derp by RachelJourneyT8 Derp :iconracheljourneyt8:RachelJourneyT8 0 0
Just some of the random art I upload from time to time.


My Favorites..... What do you expect?


  • Listening to: A very wide range of music
  • Reading: Nuzlockes
  • Watching: The History Channel
  • Playing: Eden Eternal
  • Eating: Om nom nom nom apples om nom nom nom
  • Drinking: Water
Alright guys, now is the time I deactivate my account. Why? Because I'm not happy with it. Hear me out first.

1. This isn't the end, it's just the end of my dA account. I'm not going to discontinue any of my projects, I'm just going to have them on hold.
2. I will return to dA eventually. And by eventually I mean 3 years eventually.
3. Life is also catching up with me, and I'm not on as much as I used to be.
4. I have Skype, RachelJourneyT8 there, as usual. Feel free to add me as a contact, and if you don't have Skype yet, you should get it, since it's the only way to contact me for awhile.
5. I will deactivate tomorrow at 6PM EST. To give averyone time to see this. :)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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I'm a spunky, random girl. And that's it. I randomly upload art if I feel like it, or if someone asks me too. (Which I don't know why you would). I'm also open to Pokemon B/W Wifi battles, if you want to, send me a time and your friend code through a note.

"Criticism is your friend when writing."

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